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About Us

Because the Geesaman name is attached to everything we build, we take extra care doing the job right and to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Carlton B. Geesaman Building and Remodeling offers customers in Central Pennsylvania comprehensive solutions to both new custom home construction and remodeling. Most work is completed by CBG’s own crews assuring you that the Geesaman standard of quality will be maintained throughout the entire project. So whether it’s a new home or making your home new again, Carlton B. Geesaman Building and Remodeling is your best choice for personal service, skilled workmanship and professional building and remodeling expertise that spans three decades.

Meet Our People

Many builders use the same or similar products when building or remodeling, but when it comes right down to it, it’s the people that really make the difference. At Carlton B. Geesaman Building and Remodeling, we are proud to have some of the finest, most experienced people in the building business.

Like father like son, Cobbie has the same focus on quality as his father. Overseeing all operations of the company, from broad business decisions to hands on detail on many projects, Cobbie makes certain the Geesaman reputation for quality building is maintained—and customers are satisfied Cobbie has expanded operations to include excavations and concrete.

Carlton (Cobbie) Geesaman Jr.

Danny is our superintendent and part owner of the company. He has the huge task of overseeing all the jobs, monitoring progress and making sure things get done the Geesaman way in the field.

Dan Andrews

Successful in her own right, she is the office manager, does the books and generally keeps everyone and everything on schedule and operating smoothly.

Dolores Geesaman

Carlton Sr.

Carlton B. Geesaman, Sr. (1953 – 2015)

Company founder and namesake, Carlton B. Geesaman, Sr. was a pioneer in the building of custom homes, starting over 30 years ago with a penchant for quality building and an entrepreneurial spirit. Along with the help of Geesaman family members, Carlton B. Geesaman, Sr. built the company into one of the most successful custom builders in the area. He transferred ownership to his son, Cobbie, in 2013.

Carlton B. Geesaman, Inc.

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